The WFDictionaryValueProvider class pulls from a Dictionary<string, string>.
  • WFDictionaryValueProvider(Dictionary<string, string> dict)
Initializes a new instance of the WFDictionaryValueProvider class and uses the "dict" object's keys and values.
Interface Implementations
  • IWFValueProvider.ContainsKey(string keyname)
Returns a boolean representing if the dictionary contains the key "keyname". Uses the ContainsKey() method on the dictionary.
  • IWFValueProvider.KeyValue(string keyName, object defaultValue)
Checks if the string dictionary has key "keyName". If the key is found and the value is not null/empty, the value will be returned. Otherwise, "defaultValue" will be returned.
  • IWFValueProvider.KeyValue(string keyName)
Returns the value of the dictionary's key "keyName". An exception will be thrown if the key is not present.
  • IWFValueProvider.GetPropertyEnumerator()
Returns the collection of dictionary's keys as an enumerable of String.

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