Provides values from an HttpContext's form or query string values. Form values take precedence. Rather than pull values from page controls, this provider will strip ASP.NET prefixes from the form data and get the control ID from the form data itself. This may open up your page to accept any form value to update any property. It is recommended to update a DTO, ViewModel or proxy class with WebFu model binding instead of updating database objects directly.
  • WFFastServerControlRequestValueProvider(HttpContext context)
Initializes a new instance of the WFFastServerControlRequestValueProvider class and uses the "context" Request object to derive Form and query string values.
Interface Implementations
  • IWFValueProvider.ContainsKey(string keyname)
Returns a boolean representing if the request's "Form" data or query string has key "keyname".
  • IWFValueProvider.KeyValue(string keyName, object defaultValue)
Checks if the request "Form" data or query string has key "keyName". If the key is found and the value is not null/empty, the value will be returned. Otherwise, "defaultValue" will be returned.
  • IWFValueProvider.KeyValue(string keyName)
Returns the value of the "Form" data or query string's key "keyName". An exception will be thrown if the key is not present.
  • IWFValueProvider.GetPropertyEnumerator()
Returns the collection of the "Form" data and query string's keys as an enumerable of String.

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